Twelve entertainers, 43 costume changes, two photographers and a lot of biscuits later we all collapse in a heap on the lounge floor laughing and stuffing our faces with Curry! We look a far sight from our princess appearances a few hours earlier. With the launch of our new website recently, the new popular icy sisters!! and more princesses coming into our family at My Little Princess it felt only right to book in a photo shoot day to have new pictures done.

Through the calmness of the room where the pictures were being taken and a princess was standing angelically only metres away in the other room were there hair pins flying, the smell of heated appliances tangled & on full power and lost shoes or should I say slippers? The princess entertainers really do make a real effort to not only act the part during a 2 hour party with children but we also strive to have the best polished appearances with even matching eye shadow and carefully groomed locks! Then there was the running order…..The complications of a running order hurt our prince charmings head who was in control of getting the girls in order. You can always curl straight hair, so Rapunzel’s first into Sleeping Beauties next but you can’t do it the other way around! Our Belle’s have lovely bouncy fringes aided by the use of rollers and curlers but then to wear a Snow White wig it will only squash the desired Belle effect meaning Belles had to go first and Snow Whites later. And then there were the props! Not only did we want some nice traditional snaps for all you mummies to see when your sending through your enquiries or for our branding on our flyers, car magnets or pop up banners at events we then wanted to pull out the funny side and a large bag of over flowing props were in the room. The well known icy sisters had ski’s & fur coats! Snorkles of course for irony of the mermaids, books for Belle’s, Tiara’s for jealous fairies who aren’t princesses and of course hair, lots and lots of hair for Rapzunel’s! & brushes of course!!


But as we sat and dug into the delights or Korma’s, Passanda’s & Tikka’s it was funny to remissness over the day of madness & the amount of dry shampoo that one of our Queen Elsa’s goes through in a weekend of Elsa parties! The job can be lonely often with one princess per party but when we come together we really do feel part of a big princess family knowing every weekend many of us are hiding in different village hall loo’s around the country or stopping at service stations dressed as princesses so coming together for the photo shoot on tuesday was lots of girly princess giggly fun! And of course we still had squabbles over who had the best hoop under the dresses or wore the ‘Elsa’ hair the best! One thing I realised…we really are princesses through & through!