Terms and Conditions

1. Confirmation of Booking:
Your booking is only confirmed when you have paid your deposit and you have received a confirmation of booking email.

2. Cancellation Policy:
We understand that occasionally parties need to be cancelled or moved. We are happy for you to reschedule the party if you need to, as long as we have availability for your new date. Please note any change in party date after booking may be subject to a £20 administration fee. We can’t reschedule parties due to weather, so please have a back up plan in place if you are planning an outdoor party (unless it’s snow or extreme weather, that could cause danger to guests or the entertainer travelling). We can hold your deposit for 18 months. If you want to completely cancel your booking then we would charge your deposit fee. In the unlikely event there was an issue with your booking from our end you would, of course, be refunded in full.

3. Child Numbers:
The maximum number we can entertain is 25 children with 1 entertainer or 35 with 2 entertainers. Often parents ask about siblings – if the child is over 18 months, and under 9 years old, then they will be classed as part of the party.
We cannot stress enough that the party quality may be severely affected, if numbers are high and there is a lot of background noise. We do understand however that the odd person might turn up that you weren’t expecting. So we will not charge any more money if, unexpectedly, you have up to 29 children. Once you have 30 or more children you will require another entertainer at your party. If you do not notify us that you have over 30 children and the entertainer finds there are more than 30 children on the day of the party, then you will be charged a £25 fee, that would be paid to the entertainer on the day in cash, otherwise the entertainer does reserve the right to terminate the visit.
NB – Maximum numbers do not apply to 30 and 45 min meet and greet appearances.

4. Behaviour at parties:
Please make sure everyone attending is respectful and understanding of the fact that our entertainers are there in the capacity of entertainers, they should not be expected to become teachers and have to manage children who don’t want to join in, or are behaving disruptively. We ask that parents please step in if a child is being particularly disruptive to the party and making the entertainer’s job difficult. They can, of course, rally the children and keep them engaged as much as they can, but they cannot be responsible for managing disruptive behaviour beyond this.

5. VAT:
All bookings are subject to 20% VAT on top of the deposit price from 1st May 2023.

6. Character / Entertainer:
When you pay your deposit and receive your confirmation receipt, this confirms My Little Princess will provide an entertainer for your child’s birthday party or event. We will send you a receipt with confirmation of your character for the chosen time and date. Very occasionally, through circumstances out of our control, your chosen entertainer and character may become unavailable. We have a strong team of entertainers, so we will always endeavour to find cover for your party. Our priority would be finding another princess who can play the role you have booked. We will always keep you informed of any changes with your booking.

7. Background Noise:
We please require background noise to be kept to a reasonable volume, to be able to provide our parties to their highest standard. If there is a lot of background noise i.e from parents chatting etc or distractions from other external sources, then your entertainer will find it very difficult to compete against this. If you are expecting lots of adults to be around, please make sure they aren’t talking and chatting over the entertainer! (If your entertainer is booked for anything more than 1 hour then we recommend not having a bouncy castle up whilst he/she is entertaining. If you do have one it is best to deflate it whilst he/she is there! Not only does it create a lot of noise it also acts as a huge, loud distraction that can make things a little chaotic).

8. Additional activities:
If you are planning on having other things going on while the entertainer is there, please let us or your entertainer. know so we can plan around this. It will be very difficult to run games if you have a host of other things happening at the same time, and we want your experience with our entertainers to be the best it can be!

9. Parking:
Parking nearby must be provided for your entertainer.
If there are any restrictions, please discuss this with us at the time of booking. (Any parking costs will need to be covered by the client on the day).

10. Final Balances:
Final Balances are paid in cash on the day to the entertainer. Please check you have the correct amount BEFORE the party takes place.

11. Arrival of Entertainer:
Entertainers will contact you a few days before the party. They will arrange what time they will arrive etc. We ask for entertainers to turn up at least 15 minutes early, so they can set up and then hide before the children arrive (for 2 hour and 90 minute parties, 1 hour and below requires no set up time). They would then make their big entrance at the start time of the party. Please don’t invite children to arrive at the same time that the entertainer is due to turn up and set up, unless the children can be taken outside of the party room so she can set up, out of costume, without being seen or disturbed by children! Entertainers sometimes come from other party bookings. This may result in them not being able to turn up 30 minutes early. If this is the case they will liaise with you and normally just turn up ready in costume at the start time of the party.

12. Booking Times:
Your entertainer will provide entertainment for the time you have booked. If your party is running late, due to guests not being on time etc, then the entertainer will still only be able to finish at the time you have booked until, as often we have other bookings to go to afterwards.

13. Additional Time:
If your party runs over and your entertainer is at the venue for more than 15 minutes after the booked party time, this extra time is chargeable at £20 cash per every extra 15-minutes the entertainer is still at the venue. But please make sure the entertainer is already paid and able to leave before this happens, as they are likely to have other bookings to get to. You can discuss this with your entertainer on the day.