Group Party Feb 2017We are always looking for Princess, Fairies, Pirates & Superheroes to join the team.

No matter where you live in the UK, we would love to hear from you.

We have extremely high standards at My Little Princess and we only take on the very best. Not only do you have to look like the real life Princess, Fairy, Pirate or Superhero. But you have to be able to entertain 25 screaming children. And the most important attribute we are looking for…. reliability. We are looking for entertainers who can commit to parties up to two months in advance. So if you are an actor for example and you maybe be given an acting role which would mean working weekends. We unfortunately cannot let down a little princess on her birthday. So we are only looking for reliable entertainers and entertainers who are available most weekends.

So if you think you have the skills to entertain 25, 5 years olds and you are able to commit up to 2 months in advance then please read below and fill out the form.

To be a princess or pirate you need to be free weekends for at least the first 12 months of you starting your parties. We can’t train up a new princess-to-be then have them leave for a dance/acting job as we are then still without a princess for the area needed.

You need to have your own car and be comfortable driving up to 2 hours!
(Unless you live in London, where you can take public transport).

We do not allow entertainers to obtain lifts from other people etc to do our parties.

So if you can commit & need the work! Then let me tell you a little bit more about the job:

It is always weekend work we need entertainers for. We provide 2 hour parties at the weekend for children age 3-6yrs. They truly believe we are the REAL Princess, Pirate, Superhero or Fairy turning up at their party. As an entertainer you have to hold your own in a party and entertain up to a maximum of 25 children at one time. Parents don’t help, they just sit back, relax and enjoy watching! It is a tough job, very energetic, very much in character role and very much about you controlling all the games and doing all the activities in the parties but also very rewarding.

You are paid cash on the day for your parties and you need to be registered self employed. We try and give you parties within 40 miles of where you live but you are expected to travel up to 60-75 miles if required.

We provide all training of the games and how to run our ‘My Little Princess Parties’. We also provide all the materials you use in every party from the pass the parcels to the birthday presents to the prizes and music you’ll be playing. The costumes are also ours we lend out to you.

We are looking for entertainers across the UK. Our training is normally run in Farnborough & Nottingham.

If this is still the job you believed it was and are available most weekends then please fill out the form below.

We need you to send us at least 2 photos. At least one head shot and one body shot.

If you are successful we will ask you to send a 60 second video of yourself. Make it fun! Show off your personality. Tell us why you want to be a princess, any experience you ahve etc and you could even sing us a song 🙂

Remember we are looking for entertainers who will be available for the next 12 months!

Because of the number of applications we unfortunately can only reply to successful candidates.

If you are interested in a My Little Princess Franchise then please click here

*If you have issues filling out the form below. Please email us and make sure you give us all of the required information along with photos, cv and video.


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