If you are looking into different franchises or maybe you aren’t sure what a franchise is? Hopefully the questions and answers below will help with most of them. If you have any other questions, please fill in our application form and you can ask us any questions on there.

“Franchising is a network of interdependent business relationships that allows a number of people to share:


  • A brand identification
  • A successful method of doing business
  • A proven marketing and distribution system

In short, franchising is a strategic alliance between groups of people who have specific relationships and responsibilities with a common goal to dominate markets, i.e., to get and keep more customers than their competitors.”

To find out more about franchising we recommend www.franchising.com and the www.thebfa.org

A My Little Princes Franchise costs from £4500 + VAT. Depending on which area you would like to purchase.

Most of the UK is still available. To find out where go to: http://www.mylittleprincessparties.co.uk/franchise/available-areas-investment-costs/

We cannot promise you any figures. successful franchises can eventually hope to turnover up to £80,000 and with a profit of £25,000-£30,000. But this would obviously require a lot of hard work! We have entertainers all across the country and if you are buying a already busy area you can obviously hit these targets faster then an area which will be new to My Little Princess. But this will be reflected in the price you pay for that franchise area.

Being your own boss can be extremely rewarding and there are many perks. But often people decide to set up their own business and don’t quite understand the hard work and sacrifices needed to make your business work. No longer can you call in sick for work or take your 5 weeks paid holiday! You have to be on call 24/7. But if you love working hard and want to be repaid for it and have a job which you love doing. A My Little Princess Franchise could be the right fit for you.

We currently have 8 very successful franchises. Jen was our original and continues to be succesful and grow her franchise. Katie grew from 13 bookings in January 2016 to 41 in January 2017 and have even bought another franchise as she is so happy with the growth of her franchise. We then have Charlee in Essex who is booked out every weekend. Then Sam, Anna, Gemma, Demi and Charlotte recently joined the franchise family but have already seen immediate results.

All of our current franchisees work from home. But you need to make sure you have an organised, separate quiet space to work from at home.

Yes, our franchise opporunity has developed from a fun part time franchise into a full time business. You will deal with all enquiries and bookings etc Monday – Friday and if you are an entertainer yourself you will run parties at the weekend. There is some flexibility with this franchise as you can build up relationships with other franchisees and take calls for each to cover holidays and time off etc. So whilst it is a full time franchise, there can be flexibility.

Your territory will be exclusively yours to manage, but you will also be able to use entertainers from neighbouring franchises to help you when you need it. And you can even earn money from your entertainers helping other franchises.

When we started My Little Princess in 2008, there were literally a handful of Princess Party companies and most of them were in London. Then mainly because of the success of Disney’s Frozen. Many young women have decided to put on a wig and call them self a princess! So we now have many competitors but we strive to offer not only the best entertainers but also the best customer service. Every day we have a call from a customer who has had their company cancel on them days before the party. We have never had to do this in over 8 years of running My Little Princess. We have the very highest quality costumes! And we know that many other companies don’t offer any training for their entertainers. Our training is extensive and we would only allow someone to entertain a party if they completed training and we are 100% confident they will do as good a job as any other entertainer in the company. We have over 21000 likes on Facebook and we have received 1000’s of thank you’s over the year. We don’t claim to be the cheapest, we claim to be the best!

We only take 10% (Inc of VAT) of party bookings in your franchise area. And there is a 2% card transaction fee as all card payments are taken through our online payment gateway.

We provide all of the training required so you are 100% comfortable dealing with any enquiry, taking bookings and processing payments. We show you how to advertise your business and everything needed to make your business a success. All entertainers are trained through out head office training programme so you feel confident that every single entertainer within My Little Princess has received the very highest level of training. And we are here 24/7 to continue to support you and of course you get a manual that will take you through each process step by step.

Disney clamped down on many Princess Party companies last year and like most of them we had to make changes to our business. We no longer can use Disney owned names like Frozen etc. We thankfully have a good relationship with Disney and we were very happy to receive a letter confirming we were allowed to continue but many other princess party companies were closed down. And many more are still breaking copyright laws and face being closed down.