Hannah C

Hi mummies and daddies, I’m Hannah, and I live in Essex.

I am the child who never really grew up. If I could, I would go to Neverland, but because that isn’t possible I’ve decided to become a real life princess. Now I can continue living in a fairytale despite being all grown up!

I want to make your little prince or princess’ birthday party the best day they’ve ever had. I really love the magic involved in this job, and the biggest reward for me is having a party where every single child believes I am real. I want to keep the magic alive for every child, because I know how fascinated I was with Disney when I was little (and still am).

I’m so happy that there are now some princesses with the same hair colour as me, because it means I can be a real life princess without wearing a wig!

I hope to see you at a party soon, and make your little one’s dreams come true!