Very excited about all of the new princesses we have in training!
They all are now going through our strict training regime!
When they are fully trained they will be uploaded on our website. We don’t even allow bookings for them until they are fully trained and we are 100% happy that they are up to the My Little Princess high standards.
We often get princesses apply from other companies and its fascinating to hear training methods from other princess party companies. We know some competitors will put princesses out to work without any training what so ever!
We are also getting an alarming amount of mums calling us up last minute because the company they have booked has let them down.
We also hear some horror stories about other companies. So even if you don’t book with My Little Princess. Please make sure you do your research on the princess party company you are choosing.
Things to ask and look out for:
1. Make sure you get a photo of the princess who will be entertaining your party. Other companies might have some great photos of princesses (and we have even had other companies using photos of our princesses!) But not all of there princesses are of that standard and you may be shocked with who turns up.
2. Ask how they train there princesses and how many parties that princess has actually attended and entertained at.
3. Ask what there cancellation policy is and how many parties they have had to cancel. (We only take bookings for princesses when they have confirmed they are free and when they are fully trained. Other companies will often take bookings not knowing if they have someone definitely free and just hope they can find someone. Often even asking there entertainers if they have any friends who can do the party who have had no training.)
4. Ask if they have any thank you’s from other mums for that princess you have booked. (We have thanks you all over our facebook and each princess has a list of thank yous they have been sent on their own page on our website).
5. DBS (Formerly CRB). You don’t actually legally need to be DBS checked to run princess parties as parents are always present. But we always run a DBS check on all of our princesses, just in case.
6. You get what you pay for! If someone is offering extremely cheap parties it is probably for a reason!
7. Public Liability Insurance: We are fully insured and can provide our public liability insurance. Luckily we have never had to use it! But every company should have insurance in place.
8. Disney Copyright: Many companies have been closed because of copyright infringement. We never use Disney images. Many other companies do. Through images on there website, invites etc. Eventually Disney will catch up with all of these companies and shut them down. Leaving you with no princess for your party. Make sure you only book a company that isn’t using Disney images and saying they provide Disney princesses. We are in no way affiliated to Disney and we don’t use any of there images or say we are Disney.
9. How many children does that price of the party include? We entertain up to 25 entertain for the price advertised.
10. Do they have a back up plan if the princess is ill on the day of the party? We have a very strong large team of princesses and we have always covered any princess if they have fallen ill on the day. Our princesses are a strong bunch though and we have only had 2 princesses be ill on the day in 7 years and we have entertained thousands of parties. And we manage to cover both parties!
11. Deposits. We take a £50 deposit through card payment. This confirms your booking. Many other companies don’t take deposits and these are often the ones that will cancel on you last minute. Make sure you choose a company that is professional and can take card payment deposits.
12. Costumes: Our costumes are very expensive and we don’t use cheap Disney costumes. Make sure the company you book has good quality costumes.
13. Music: We here some horror stories of the songs other companies have used during the party. There was a big article recently in the Daily Mail where another company played the song “I’m to sexy” by “Right Said Fred”. We only use child appropriate music.
14. Wigs: We hate them! Elsa is only played by our blonde princesses and none of them use those awful Elsa wigs. We do occasionally have to use brunette wigs for characters like Snow White. But these are only worn by brunette entertainers. We do not use those awful bright red wigs for Ariel for example. We have found our very own red head to play The Little Mermaid!
Hopefully these tips will help pick the right Princess company for your party.
Kelly used to work for a wonderful company called Mystical Fairies in London. (Who have recently been taken over and no longer have there wonderful shop in North London)
We moved out of London and there wasn’t any other princess party companies in our area. In fact there was only a handful in the whole country. So we decided to set up My Little Princess in 2008.
Everyone now thinks they can put on a blue dress and call themselves Elsa! So please be careful who you book and even if you don’t book My Little Princess we hope your child has the perfect party!