Working as an apprentice at My Little Princess Parties isn’t your typical apprenticeship office based job. Usually you would assume being an apprentice you would receive all the awful jobs that nobody else wants to do! That is not the case here! I am so lucky to have the opportunity to gain the experience of being so involved in working in such a growing and unique business.

Most office environments are very different and quite dull but in comparison- working at Princess HQ, although stressful sometimes (princesses have dramas too!) it is always uplifting speaking to some of you lovely mummies and helping to towards making little girls and boys days magical! Unlike most peoples Monday mornings I get to come in to the office receiving tons of Thank you’s and beautiful pictures of how well our princesses have done and that makes me very proud of our company! Its not just the actual business that is great, but the people you work with. with a combination of a huge close princess family (we even have our own WhatsApp messaging group!!), my office fairy buddy and our bosses Kelly and James who are like fairy godparents to us, you really do feel like part of the family and everyone has their own special place at My Little Princess creating a work place like no other. It really goes to show the people you work with really makes a difference. Every single one of our entertainers have fantastic personalities and truly are real life princesses!

There is nothing scary, or overwhelming about working for this company, I instantly fitted in without having any office experience and no acting experience even like all the other girls do, and do you know what its really nice to work with a genuine company that believes in delivering  realistic and beautiful princesses to parties who never let clients and little children down. I know how hard Kelly and James have worked to get the good reputation for their company that they have today and with the help of all their entertainers and Office Fairy Laura , who taught me most of what I know, that we are all very grateful that people acknowledge the company’s hard work and high standards which is why we get so many repeat customers.

Not only am I happy here in the present, I really can see a big future here as the business is constantly growing and we are getting more involved in events like our Frozen ball which has been a huge success!

I want to thank Kelly and James for giving me the opportunity to play such a key role in their company and letting me have my say about what I think of working for the company. Its been really nice to write about what I do because whoever I talk to about My Little Princess I can’t help but brag what a great company it is and how beneficial it has been for me to of started my career here.

Overall no matter how bizarre people think my job is and that I refer to myself as a ‘Fairy’ how many of them can really say they love there job as much as I love mine?

Love office fairy fran