Hello mummys!  My name is Katie and I’m based in Surrey.  I absolutely LOVE playing the part of a princess, and I think I’ve now convinced myself that I actually am one – although I’m still waiting for the birds to sing with me!!  When I first arrive at a party, I always ask the little princesses and princes who I am.  There is nothing more adorable, or satisfying, than having a little one reply with “You’re the REAL Cinderella!” (Or other character!)  Their genuine belief and imagination is magical, and I will always do my best to make sure they treasure their experience and enjoy the party with their favourite character.
I have worked at an American summer camp where I taught children to ride, and I also spent time working on BBC’s Blue Peter, as well as having a 10 year old sister, so I have spent quite a bit of time keeping children entertained!

When I was younger I absolutely loved all of the princesses, and watched the films religiously (and to be honest, I still do!!)  The magic of these characters still sticks with me, and I hope that by coming along to your little one’s party, I can bring a bit of sparkle and fun that they will always remember! xx

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