Having a Cheerleading theme is great for the slightly older children (5-8 yrs). We bring all the pom pom’s and the boys and girls will love our action packed cheerleading parties.

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The Party Plan for our 2 Hour Birthday Party Package:

What we do in the two hours?

Our Cheerleaders stay in complete character from the start getting to know the children and quickly learning names! Right from the beginning your Cheerleader will get all the children singing Happy Birthday to your little girl to begin the party. After that it’s a combination of fun team based games.
This always takes us an hour into the party where we can take a breather for food.
After the food its time for the dancing and cheerleading!! We provide all the appropriate music for your child including the latest pop party music, high school musical and princess music. We provide a pass the parcel, then it’s a chance for the other children to win chocolate bite size prizes from us with a cheerleading competition where two teams will perform there cheer at the end of the party.

Where to have your party?

This is entirely up to you. It’s quite common to have the party in your own home providing you have the space for 20-25 children max to dance around and play games! Otherwise, church halls and hiring of rooms in leisure centres is often a winner!

If you have any other questions please see our FAQ section.

So to Recap-

* Cheerleader introduction.

* Fun Team Games

* Food- Yummy!

* Balloon Modelling

* Disco- so put on your dancing shoes

* Pass the Parcel

* Cheerleading