My Little Princess is coming to New York this February and we are offering 15 free tickets to each of our parties on Sunday February 7th!

The children will get to meet many of their favourite characters and get to play lots of fun games, go on an adventure, dance and even get to make a wish with fairy dust!

These parties have been set up to finish off our fantastic new entertainers training. They receive extensive training before the 7th and these parties are the final part of the training.

We have two parties 10.30am-12pm and 1pm-2.30pm at the Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. 248 West 60th Street New York, NY 10023.

Please enter all your details on the form below and if you are a lucky winner of one of the 30 free tickets we will be in contact with what time the party is and what studio the party will be in. If you have a preferred time, please let us know on the form.

You are more then welcome to enter the competition for more then one child, or even a big group.

The parties are for children 3-7 Years. We need most children to be 4-6 years and we need a mix of boys and girls.

There is limited space in the venue. So we ask that only one parent attends with each child and unfortunately there will not be room for any buggies and younger children.

No food or drink will be provided. So please bring along a drink for the children.

The closing date for these parties is Jan 29th but we will let you know within a few days of your entry if you have been successful.