Katie P
Oxshot, Surrey

Epping, Essex



Beverley, Yorkshire

Fleet, Hampshire

Bicester, Oxfordshire

“Hi I’m Jen and I run the My Little Princess Franchise in Berkshire, North West Surrey and North East Hampshire. I became a Princess for My Little Princess back in 2010 and immediately loved being a Princess for My Little Princess. It’s such a rewarding job and My Little Princess is such a fun business to work for that when I got the opportunity to buy a franchise in 2013, I jumped at the chance. My franchise has grown every year and I now have 7 Princesses in my area. Buying a My Little Princess Franchise is the best decision I have ever made.”


“Hi I’m Katie and after becoming a princess in 2014 I was so excited to take over the franchise in North Surrey and South West London in 2015. Becoming a Princess was a dream for me and it’s great fun being part of My Little Princess and having my own Franchise. I have a already grown my princess team to 4 princesses and it’s watching your franchise grow every month. I have received the very highest training and I love to be able to pass on this knowledge to other princesses and future franchisees. I’m always here for help and advice as we are a family here at My Little Princess.”

“Hi I’m Charlee from Epping in Essex and I have been travelling all over Essex, London and the surrounding areas since 2013. Being a real life princess is the best job in the world and to make it into my own little business was so exciting. So in 2015 I bought my own My Little Princess Franchise in Essex and I have really enjoyed running my own events in Essex and dealing with our Essex customers everyday. I even got to appear on Dragons Den with James and Kelly and its been such a fun few years being a princess and being party of the My Little Princess family.”


“Hi I’m Sam from Yateley. I became a princess under Jen’s franchise and have loved it so much I jumped at the chance to run my own My Little Princess Franchise. My area had already been bought by Jen but I know the Dorset area well and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to grow that area and South Wiltshire.”



“Hi I’m Demi and I live in Liverpool. I was a princess for MLP in Dorset for a couple of years and I recently moved up to Liverpool and wanted to do some fresh and exciting. Being a princess is such a rewarding job and My Little Princess is such a great company starting a franchise was a no brainer. The North West has got so much potential and it’s exciting for My Little Princess to be taking over the whole country.”



“Hi I’m Charlotte from Yorkshire. I’ve been a princess with My Little Princess for about a year now and I loved every minute. You really feel part of a family with My Little Princess and its actually my mother who has bought the franchise with me. We are so excited about our new venture and growing My Little Princess in Yorkshire.”



“Hi I’m Gemma from Church Crookham, Hampshire. I actually met Kelly (Founder of MLP) as she was in my dance class I teach. When I found out about My Little Princess I thought it was a great idea and immediately asked to be a Princess. I loved it so much that it didn’t take long for my Mother and I to ask about buying into a franchise. We have already seen amazing growth in a short time and we are enjoying every minute of running the franchise.”



“Hi I’m Anna from Bicester, Oxfordshire. I booked My Little Princess for my daughters party and was so impressed with the quality and professionalism of the company that when I received an email about franchising I had to find out more. I used to be a fashion designer, so this was a big change for me. But the training and organisation of MLP has been so great that I have immediately felt part of family and I’m loving running my own franchise.”