Greetings, superhero parents! Mark Derbyshire, at your service. Currently living in the lands of London, twenty-four years old after having studied a bit of engineering and a lot of drama, I now ply my trade as an actor and writer, with future dreams to further my musical career too! Acting is my main focus though, and I love the opportunity to entertain!

All through my years of study I always felt I needed to get away from the books and papers and do something worthwhile and practical, which I have thankfully found in My Little Princess Parties to no small degree. Coming from the TIE and pantomime side of the business to this, I find it’s great to have a more personal atmosphere and see the joy on the children’s faces when they see a character at their birthday!

All this brings me one step closer to being a true superhero, and I look forwards to many more happy parties!

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