Basildon, Essex

0333 7720705

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Hi mummies and daddies,

I’m Princess Meg from Essex and love everything Pink and Sparkly. I truly believe I am a princess myself and I’m convinced I’ll have my own castle one day.

I have a huge background in performing arts and dance. I started dancing at the age of 2 and carried it on all through school and college, till I left in 2014 to Qualify as a Personal Trainer. I then went on to work at David Lloyds Gym for a year but decided to hang my trainers up for my Tiara and fulfil my dream as a Princess.

Growing up I loved everything Disney and knew every film and song backwards. Even now I still sit and watch the latest Disney films and even go to sleep watching Frozen. Becoming a princess has been a dream of mine from a young age, just like every other little girl and I am lucky to say not only will I be a children’s entertainer but a Princess Entertainer. I have a love for children as I also taught dance and musical theatre for a year to a school which specialises in Special needs. Seeing them in their little tutus and ballet shoes, twirling and jumping around the room brought a massive smile to my face. I also have a toddler niece and a 7 year old nephew who I adore and look after twice a week. I sit and watch all the Disney films with my niece and dance and prance around the room dressed as a fairy but then sit on the Wii with my nephew trying to beat him in the latest video games, I’m quite a big kid myself!!

Being a part of your little Princess or Princes birthday is such an amazing feeling. Just seeing their faces as you step into the room dressed as a Princess yourself really reminds me how special this job is! I couldn’t think of a better suited job for me than this, I’m so excited to fulfil my dreams and I hope I can make yours come true too! :)xxx