Hi Mummies and Daddies, I’m Lizzie! I live in Hertfordshire. I have just finished studying musical theatre at drama school and as a performer my natural instinct is to entertain so this is the perfect job for me!

In previous training I have obtained a teaching qualification for drama and musical theatre. Through this, I have taught at a number of Stage Coaches and Saturday schools enabling me to interact with and engage children. I much prefer a job like this as you really get to know the princes and princesses at your parties and have as much fun as they do!

For me, one of the best moments of any princess party is when the birthday girl sees me for the very first time – their faces are priceless! I know how much I loved Disney as a little girl and I’m so happy that the love for the characters is still as strong today. I just wish I could have had a real life princess at my parties when I was younger! There is a beautiful estate near my home called Ashridge House which I have always seen as a Disney castle and spent many years visiting and picnicking in the gardens! It’s an amazing palace for a princess and some of my photos are shot there.

Being a princess, I can make every little girl’s dream come true on the most exciting day of the year, her birthday. So through the famous words of my favourite princess, Ariel, I can now say that I am ‘part of that world’.