Church Crookham, Hampshire

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Kat Collage New

Hello Mummies and Daddies! I am Princess Kat 😊

I love all things Disney and am a HUGE fan of Frozen, and so nothing makes me happier than being able to become the Ice Queen on weekends! Walking into a room of excited mini Princes and Princesses and seeing the looks on their faces when the real Princess etc arrives never gets old, I just love the magic and excitement in all the children – especially the shy little ones who are always won over eventually.

Monday to Friday I work in an office in a role as an Account Manager – I enjoy this, but it’s just not quite as magical as my weekends as a Princess!!

I have a background in singing, dancing and acting and am thrilled that I am able bring this experience to my parties, as my office colleagues tend to be somewhat less pleased with my constant singing of Disney songs!

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