Morden, Surrey

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Hi I am Hayley,

I’m based in South London & Surrey. I love to take a break from my 9-5 job and step into this world of fantasy to make dreams come true and meet the little birthday princesses. I have previously run extra-curricular drama clubs at my local school and organised fundraisers for disabled children. I also have a little sister that I have taught all things princess to over the years and organised every single one of her birthday parties (including a Cinderella pantomime for her 10th birthday).

When I was younger I absolutely loved all the Disney princesses and I wouldn’t go to sleep without a Disney film on! I had a Sleeping Beauty bedroom which I shared with my sister and she had the blue dress picture of Aurora but I had the pink and we would argue like Merryweather and Flora over which one is best. We were always playing dress up and had all the outfits. I would have loved to have a real life princess come to my party, which makes me even more excited about all those birthday girls I can sprinkle with some magic. My favourite thing to do at a princess party is give all the children some magical fairy dust to make a wish, as watching their little eyes light up is the most rewarding thing in the world, and you know they believe one day their dreams can come true.

I hope to meet your little prince or princess one day and make their birthday one to remember forever!

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