Maidstone, Kent

0333 7720705

Gabrielle Collage New

Good day Mums and Dads,

I am Princess Gabrielle, I am 24 and my Kingdom resides in Maidstone, Kent.

Apart from being a Princess I am also known as the local Marry Poppins as I work as a nanny and have now been looking after lots of lovely children for 2 years. I enjoy working with children because they are adorable and so much fun to be around, plus I also get to be apart of making those precious memories but not just as a nanny but also as a Princess.

I have a massive passion for nature so much so my dream home would be a tree house in the middle of a forest, kinda like Tinkerbell but I like wearing flowers in my hair like the beloved Rapunzel.

I also study a History degree in my spare time because I like to learn all about the Princess’s that came before me.

So that is a little bit about me. I can not wait to meet you and your little Princess or Prince.

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